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Independent Advice & Support

My aim is to provide patients with independent Embryology advice and support through their fertility journey.

Are you undergoing fertility treatment and are looking to enhance your understanding? Would you like to feel more in control during your consultations and treatment? Maybe you would just benefit from having a friendly professional to guide and advise you through the process? 

Infertility can be incredibly difficult for those affected. Over the years, I have seen that many patients just don’t feel comfortable discussing their infertility, even with close family and friends. This can leave them feeling very isolated and vulnerable. Seeking professional help can be daunting, and even after the initial appointments at a fertility clinic, some patients can come away feeling more confused and overwhelmed than ever. Much of the terminology and treatments discussed can sound like a foreign language, and even with the best professionals in the field, appointment times can sometimes feel limited. 

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How I can help you?

My name is Victoria Wigley, founder of All about Embryology. I am a state-registered Clinical Embryologist with over15 years of clinical experience.

I am able to use my years of experience and expertise to give patients independent Embryology advice and support through their fertility journey.

My consultations are primarily designed to follow on from your initial consultation with the doctor at your IVF Clinic.

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Consultation  Services

Consultation Services

What Patients Say

Our consultation with Victoria was excellent. We were feeling really overwhelmed, unsure how to proceed & had a difficult decision to make. With very little/poor information from our Clinic we were feeling very stressed. Victoria was extremely knowledgeable & immediately put us at ease with her kind, caring manner. She took the time to explain everything to us in detail & answer all our questions. It made such a difference to be provided with her expertise in helping us to be able to make an informed decision on how to proceed with our treatment. We felt so reassured after speaking to her & much clearer on how to proceed. It was fascinating to find out the science behind it all. We left the consultation feeling reassured & much more positive. It was so helpful being able to get Professional independent advice out with our clinic.   

This is such a fantastic service that I would highly recommend.  

Jane and Damian, All about Embryology patients

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